Saturday, February 21, 2009

15 Posts in 2008

Not really a great achievement, pretty poor effort in fact.

I could blame moving to a new role in work, the girls, that I am learning Indonesian and trying to get fit - but all those things shouldn't have stopped me from find one or two hours a week... I used to find a couple hours a day.

Anyway, I gave up on joining the plates and bending the sides. Tim from Australian Tonewoods is going to bail me out again and take care of some of those moves. Now that is cheating according to the plan for this build - 100% scratch - but I was really having no fun... I have the greatest respect for those people that can make musical instruments without precision power tools... How did they do it before sandpaper?

So I can't promise a sudden surge in my performance but summer is about to subside here in Perth and I've been thinking more and more about guitars again - so there may be some action soon.