Sunday, June 22, 2008

I am still here

Firstly thanks to those of you that have commented below, offering support. I have not thrown in the towel. I have infact been in the Eastern States for the last week or so with work. EVERYTHING is calling for my attention at the moment and unfortunately the pieces of wood in the shed are not being heard at the moment.

Still, when I get back to the shed I will have a fresh outlook.

Thanks again.


Greg said...

Hi, I've enjoyed reading this blog.
The Tasmanian Blackwood is gorgeous. I'm also doing a blog about my build ( ) , and am in about the same place.

Also, I found it works really well to use a razorblade as a scraper when joining the bookmatched top/back.

Best of luck and I'm subscribing!

Greg said...

Knock, Knock,

Hi Ted,
I was just wondering how it's going.

I hope you aren't being like me a getting bogged down in work all the time.



Anonymous said...

Wow... I will sooooo read this... and probably all of it. I'm a bit of a blog addict for selected folk.

Great to meet you in the 'Gong.

Hey, I don't suppose you ended up meeting DD? I didn't see him at the show, but when we were leaving, I saw him walking along the street with his wife (?) and young baby, so I guess he was at the show after all.

Catch up soon,