Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photos of Wood

Well, I thought I should show you the wood I am about to destroy... I mean, turn in a fine musical instrument. When ordering my kit from Australian Tonewoods, I told Tim that I was more interested in learning the steps and rather than having the best pieces of wood in his shop, I wanted to keep the costs down where I could. Having said that even though it may not be the most eye pleasing pieces you have ever seen, I think they are nowhere near boring and they will make a great looking guitar.

I like the effect of having the really light grain running down the centre of the soundboard. Tim advised me to straighten the grain up a little when making the joint to increase the strength.

Alternatively, I could have the grain constant across almost the whole soundboard. That might make the center joint a little less visable from afar.

Here is the back in its naked beauty. I think it is nicely divided into sections

and the sides, with a little spirits to highlight.

the close up of the figure in the Tasmainan Blackwood

Time taken : 5 minutes
Tools used : Camera and gravity
AU$'s spent : Nil


David said...

Wow! That is some fantastic looking wood. I really like the grain lines on the top wood. I am a fan of wood looking like wood, not single colored boring stuff. I personally like it with the grain lines in the center. I love that Blackwood. One day I will need to get a set to build with.


Ted said...

I agree on wood looking like wood. I am also starting to think the the grain being even through the centre would look better. Aside from that, Tim eluded that there may be more strength in that method.

If you are chasing some Australian Blackwood - look Tim up, he is heading out your way for the GAL convention. The blackwood I have is low figure so I am sure he will have some stunning pieces.