Sunday, May 11, 2008

What have I done?

It occurred to me tonight that I better change the minor heading at the top of my page. I am really doubting my skills and I wouldn't want someone surfing in and thinking that kit guitar building was this hard.

I went down to see Tim from Australian Tonewoods tonight to collect my soundboard, back, sides, fretboard and neck wood. I had asked Tim to service these parts in sanding to width and making the scarpe joint cut on the neck wood. Even still, I am faced with a neck that looks like four blocks of wood and other bits of wood that really don't look like a guitar to me.

Tim has been great. He is clearly running out of clean space on his work bench, having used it to sketch out a dozen diagrams to illustrate what he is showing me.

I am really starting to worry.... It took me ten hours to make dishes... that is one tenth of the time that it took me to make the OOO. What have I gotten myself in for?

It's late - I will post some wood photos tomorrow night.

Time taken :
Tools used :
AU$'s spent :


Greg said...

Hi Ted,

Dont worry about Time!-Take my word for that.By the time I finish mine it will almost be an antique!

You will be right mate.Its amazing how you pick things up.It a really big learning curve.

Looking forward to your progress.



David said...

I think I did a post on the Kitguitarforums with the exact same header "what have I done?" when I got my first shipment of wood for the first scratch build. I know the feeling! Don't worry, it will all make sense once you get going. It just looks like a big task now.